Hey there, I'm Em.

Are you looking to regain some of that precious time? 

Delivering polished and consistent content to your audience is a crucial but time-consuming task.

I help overworked solopreneurs provide consistent + polished content, increasing time to focus on generating new clients.

About me


I am a content creator and editor who has a passion for helping other small business owners.
Having been a VA for a while, I saw a common theme among my clients and fellow solopreneurs. They struggled to find the time to get everything on their to-do list complete, especially content. 
This resulted in inconsistent content being delivered to their audiences.
My business is a combination of my love of creating content and my desire to help entrepreneurs grow and nurture their network.

Does this sound like you? 

I am an entrepreneur and I know the importance of connecting with my audience but I don't have the time or the energy!

I love writing content myself but I don't have time to perfect it or ensure that it reads well and is free from errors.

I feel like I spend too much time writing content and thinking of new caption ideas and blog titles, causing the rest of my business to suffer. 

I can help you!



"Working with Emily was such a breeze! She not only provided my website with great content, but her writing was superb and fit in perfectly with our style. She delivered her blog posts on time and as discussed. We are very happy with her work and will definitely work with her again." Intensity Outdoors

What my clients had to say

"I worked with Emily for some very complex referencing on a very long document. I found her to be very professional, timely and paid great attention to detail.” Orla Kelly Publishing

What my clients had to say

"Emily is a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic and dedication to every project are first rate." Jean O’Sullivan, Red Pen Edits

What my clients had to say

"She has an amazing response rate and truly commits to understanding your brand so that way your authenticity shines through. Her goal is to truly make things better, easier and more polished for you and she DELIVERS." Leisure Hacker

What my clients had to say

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