EM Content Creative helps business owners provide consistently polished and optimised content to their audiences. 

the right clients and gain trust among your audience with a strategic content marketing strategy. 

Writing content is a time consuming, yet important task. Gain back valuable time to focus on the areas of your business that need you most. 




Getting to know you


planning with purpose

content creation

your online presence


Planning with purpose is crucial to a successful strategic content marketing strategy no matter what.

Every word should be intentional  so that it can connect and resonate with your audience.



We get to work! We will create and deliver consistent content to that will allow you to show up time and time again for your audience. 
Better yet, we'll be building a bank of content for you to use across all social and online channels you choose. 


Content creation

You'll have the resources and material you need to build and maintain an online presence. 
Establish yourself as an authority in your industry who is trustworthy, reliable and consistent. 


your online presence 



I think this is the beginning of something awesome.
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steph, colour & love

I don’t know what I’d have done without Em this year. I felt so overwhelmed and uninspired to write weekly blog posts — I kept putting off because I just didn’t enjoy it, but as a web designer I know how important it is for SEO and for providing useful info for small business owners

madi nispel coaching

I save SO MUCH time having you write my content instead of putzing around trying to think of what I am gonna say. You save time and energy and keep me on freaking track every day!!

Marion pigeot- Modali branding

I needed someone to communicate my vision in a creative and intentional way. Em did a great job portraying my personality while making it fully optimized for SEO purposes. She was also extremely patient and resourceful and I felt so comfortable sharing my concerns with her. 100% recommend!!!

samantha- simply well coaching

I am so proud of my website! I've had many women join my facebook group and site that they found me through my site. I feel more confident in talking about my services just by going over them with Em and reading my own pages. 



Thank you! 


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