I am ALL for anything that makes the life of a busy business owner easier. We are busy AF. There just seems to be so much to do in a day! Something that I think a lot of business owners have to learn quickly is time management skills. Poor time management and lack of time are two completely different things in my opinion. You need to decide if you are using your time poorly or if you are being stretched too thin. 

Onboarding processes, workflow systems, using a million different tools, accounting and finances, a social media presence, oh and actual client work! Are all of these equally important? For the most part, yes! Your to-do list is not going to get smaller if you don’t understand 1) how to prioritise and 2) how to work efficiently. 

Content marketing is a hugely important job for any business owner. However, it’s often left on the back burner or done ineffectively due to lack of time or time management skills. One obvious solution is to outsource your content. However, if you are adamant about doing it yourself, you need repurposing in your life. 

I am going to take you through some ways that you can repurpose ONE blog post into multiple pieces of content.

Captions for IG and Facebook

Ok, you’ve just written a killer blog about ways to stay healthy in 2020. However, if you’ve just posted the blog to your website and not promoted it, you’re greatly limiting your reach. Turn your blog into 5 social media captions or posts for that week. Take one great point from the blog and use it as your main point for that caption or post. You are going to have to tweak it so it makes sense and is captivating. However, I promise you that this is going to take SO much less time than writing captions from scratch.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Let’s take the same example as before with the health blog. Why not turn it into an email marketing campaign? Think of the most important points from your blog. Set up an email sequence for a fun email marketing series. Your ideal clients are going to feel that they are getting insane value from you, without being “sold” to. I think we can all agree that we HATE being bombarded with mail subscriptions that we don’t even read. That is why it’s important to think of AWESOME and catchy headings and subject lines to entice the subscriber to click into the email. Don’t forget calls to action!

Scripts for IG / Video

I LOVE this one! Take the blog post, read through it and start jotting down the most important and valuable points. Then use them as your notes. One great way that we can use blogs for videos is to create “How-to’s” or “Mini-trainings”. Again, you will need to reword some parts so that it makes sense for the new format but it’s going to cut your time creating content by more than HALF. 

Create an e-Book or FREEBIE

Before I begin with this one, I want to note that, although topical content is important at times, evergreen content is going to give you the most in return. I have in the past repurposed a client’s 3-year-old blog post into a free e-book which helped build her email marketing list! The reason why we could use it years later is that the content was still relevant and true in the present time. Freebies should provide your ideal clients with a small transformation that is valuable but also proves that you are an expert in your field and could serve them in even greater ways if they chose to work with you. 


People are all different, right? How we absorb information is different too. Do you prefer listening to stories, reading captions or looking at pictures and graphics? We need to be cautious not to deliver content in ONE way. If we do, we are limiting our reach. That is why creating infographics from our blog posts can decrease our time creating content AND help increase this reach! Don’t worry if you aren’t the most artistic person in the world. You can make cool and professional-looking infographics in Canva. (my infographic at the top of this blog was made in Canva). You can still make a big impact by visually getting your message across with little or no words.

These are just some of the ways that just ONE blog post can be used. I am always trying to find ways to make both my own business and my client’s businesses work more efficiently. I share the same struggles as all you fellow solopreneurs and small business owners! Hopefully, this was helpful and saves you time and energy. 

What is your fave way to repurpose? If you haven’t tried it before, which one are you excited to try?

How to Repurpose Content

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