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I remember when I first started to think about designing my website. I had serious “website envy” of other business owners. The colours, the design and the overall feel that their websites had were beautiful. I’ll be honest, for a minute I got fixated on all the design aspects of my new site. I had to stop and remind myself of what I preach. 

Don’t get me wrong, having a stunning website has its benefits. It can showcase your style, who you are and can trigger different emotions and feelings from the viewer. These initial feelings are going to fade quickly if the content on the site doesn’t live up to the hype of its design. 

Your website copy and how it is written and displayed is important for so many reasons. From readability in the way that the content is laid out on the page, to how we use content to ensure that Google knows what our page is about. I have come up with what I think are nine improvements that can be made to any website TODAY. Let’s get right into it!

Never Assume 

We can sometimes become overly subjective when it’s our own business. We are right smack bang in the middle of it. However, to create content that is accessible to your ideal clients and other audience members is vital. We have to assume that every new visitor to your website has no idea who you are, what your brand is, what you offer and how you can help them. It isn’t up to them to have to dig and try and solve a puzzle. It is up to us to lay it out in digestible content that is going to give them exactly the information they need. You may easily push a prospect away if they view your website and can’t find the answers they have been looking for.

Think of Your Ideal Client

It’s something that I drill into all my clients and that is the importance of REALLY knowing your ideal client. Not only knowing who they are but putting yourself in their shoes. I promise you that producing content is so much easier if we know our ideal client back to front. You can improve your website copy by not only ensuring we are writing for our ideal client but also that our tone is suitable for that client. For example, perhaps your target audience is business executives, the way that you speak to them is going to be more formal than if you were speaking to a travel blogger.

Make it “Skimmable”

How often do you skim content throughout your day? We are all guilty of it! Whether that be with blogs, website, content, SM captions or even instructions! We want to know as much information as possible with the least amount of effort. That is why we must make the most important information on our website stand out. We can do this by: 

  • Changing the font size, style and using bold and italics 
  • Improving the layout by making paragraphs shorter 
  • Highlight headings using targeted keywords

Be Clear

If we aren’t 100% clear about what we are offering, we cannot expect our audience to 1) understand and 2) have confidence in our abilities to help them. We need to have our offerings nailed down before we can produce purposeful copy for our site. A visitor to our website should not have to question or think twice about what it is that we do. This is something that I have seen a lot with new business owners. Their business plan and packages aren’t concrete which confuses the viewer. 

Other things that I see missing from a lot of business owners websites are the results and transformations that their service is going to give any prospective client. It is for sure essential to outline the service in detail. After all, the prospect is going to want to know how YOU are going to solve their problem. However, it important to outline the transformation. Identify where the client is (A) and where they will be if they chose to work with you (B).

Calls to Action

Good content will gently guide your audience and visitors of your website towards making a decision. Including calls to action on each page is an important way that we can do just that. Don’t think of calls to action as “buy this now! It doesn’t need to be this forward or “salesy” if that isn’t what you want. We can guide a visitor to: 

  • Book a call with us 
  • Download a FREEBIE 
  • Check out our Instagram 
  • View our services page and more

Try not to leave a page on your website without a call to action. The chances of that viewer leaving your website are going to be higher if they haven’t be given something further to do.

Word Counts are Important

Have you ever done a word count check on each page of your website? I know a lot of business owners haven’t even thought about this. That’s ok! I’m here to fill you in. Having low word counts on any page of your website is bad for SEO. Google scans our pages to better understand what it is about and if it is relevant to what has been searched. There are many different opinions about the minimum and maximum word count that should be on each page. These are my two cents: 

  • Write a minimum of 300 words on each page 
  • Anything between 500-700 is ok

**Bonus tip: to give Google even more changes to identify your website as relevant and should be shown to your ideal client is to set up a blog (if you haven’t already). This way we can produce more and more content that is directed to our target audience using SEO. 

Headings and Keyword Placement

Following on from my last point, make sure to include your keywords as soon as possible. This will ensure your copy is purposeful and targeted. Ideally, you will also include your keywords in the titles and headings. Again, you are giving Google a helping hand in identifying your website.

Find a Balance and be Yourself

I don’t know about you, but when I first launched my business I struggled with the idea of being myself, I thought I had to be someone else or at least a different version of myself. I had to snap out of that. As humans, we can generally see through BS. We want to see authenticity. We are all unique and have something great to offer. Producing content that isn’t coming from your heart, is not going to be good. End of. We do however have to find a balance between being ourselves (which I am assuming is friendly and transparent) but also this confident and assertive business owner that knows their worth and gets s**t done. Find a balance with it all. It comes with practice but if you are going to be something you might as well be YOU. 

Polished and Perfect

Ok, by now you’ve got this amazing purposeful content. Now what? You need to proofread the hell out of it. Have you ever judged a website over misuse of a capital letter, commas or even worse a spelling mistake? (ekkk). I for sure have. We want to give off the best impression to people that don’t know us (remember never assume). If you don’t feel confident in your grammar and vocab eye, you can do two things: 

  1. Use Grammarly: it’s a great tool I use daily. However, don’t just rely on it. I’ve spotted mistakes (tiny but still mistakes) that Grammarly didn’t pick up on because it was “technically” right. 
  2. Pay someone to do it for you. Someone who has an eagle eye who will deliver your content back PERFECT and ready to go.

Give yourself the best chance possible to land your ideal clients. I know you’re all badass entrepreneurs but you need to get that across to all potential clients who visit your site. These nine tips will get you going in the right direction and hopefully lead you to land your ideal clients! 

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Improve Website Copy in 9 Simple Steps

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