SEO Copywriting

Our SEO copywriters craft engaging content for agencies while adhering to SEO best practices.

Professional and experienced SEO copywriting service for digital marketing & SEO agencies 

Marketing strategies are multifaceted and require numerous moving parts. 

We are your content puzzle piece 

The EM Content Creative team works with marketing agencies to help them deliver optimised and strategic content to their clients. 

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Create optimised website content from scratch (static pages)


Re-write & re-optimise blogs


Create optimised blogs from scratch


Implement blog briefs


How We Can Help

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"Having a reliable, go-to SEO copywriter for projects has allowed us to scale our SEO services for clients. EM Content Creative has shown such initiative and creativity with each project."

Stephen Kinsella, we love seo 

"Emily is extremely professional, and accommodating and has a fantastic ability to craft a brief into an engaging article or product page.” 

Darren McManus, Adaptive & co