When it comes to your online business, your website has one purpose- to bring in new leads and convert them to happy, loyal customers. But in order for this to happen, these leads need to actually find your website. And how do people on the internet find things they’re looking for? You guessed it. Google. […]

How Do Search Engines Find Your Content? Google’s Top Search Ranking Factors.

If you’re an online business owner ready to dip your toes into the wide world of content marketing, then developing a strong marketing strategy may be the first thing on your busy to-do list. But with all the platforms out there to choose from, it can be hard to know which type of content is […]

Long-form Content vs Short-form Content: Which Is Best For Your Marketing Strategy?

Understanding how to define your ideal client is key when it comes to developing your content marketing strategy. Coming up with an ideal client profile can help you determine who your ideal client is, and why they’d want to work with you in the first place.  The truth is, not everyone’s going to be the […]

5 Steps For Defining Your Ideal Client

How Content Marketing Can Change How You Show Up in Business What does creating content have to do with confidence? It wasn’t something that I considered when I started my business… I didn’t see a connection between entrepreneurship and issues with my confidence. I would have considered myself a pretty confident person, not really caring […]

Creating Content & Your Confidence