Your website is the first impression of your business. If it doesn’t grab peoples attention straight away, they’re going to click off and find one that does. One way of drawing people in is with pretty web design, however, images alone will not sell your product or services.  When I first created my website, I […]

The Value of an Effective Website

Website copy can be tricky, and I see a lot of people making the same common mistakes. Finding the right balance between telling people what you do, and overwhelming them with too much information is tough.  You don’t want your copy to be too vague to the point where the reader doesn’t have a clue […]

Common Website Copy Mistakes

2020 certainly hasn’t been the best year! But, one positive thing to come out of all this is more and more people are following their dreams and starting their own business. Heck, why wouldn’t you want to have the ability to call the shots, the freedom of being your own boss, and the flexibility to […]

My Tips and Advice to New Business Owners

Keywords are an essential part of search engine optimisation (SEO). Through keyword research, you can start to understand the most common search phrases, and create content that helps both search engines and potential customers find your business; which in turn will increase traffic to your website. Before we go into more detail on the difference […]

What Is the Difference Between Long and Short Tail Keywords?