My intensives provide you with 1:1 support.

I don't believe in one size fits all.

Each intensive is tailored specifically to your business to provide you with 90 minutes of structured and strategic content marketing support. 

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A content marketing strategy would be fruitless without SEO implementation. Does the thought of SEO make your head spin? It is completely understandable, especially with so much information out there on the subject.

This intensive is tailored for your business and will give you the fundamental knowledge that you can implement straight away. This is for complete beginners who are looking to get started. 

seo for beginners 


90 min Zoom call 

Beginners introduction to SEO 

Covering a range of topics to get you started 

Includes a slide deck and recorded call

Includes a workbook 

Investment: €180 

What's included 

Content Strategy Intensive

Are you lacking focus and direction when it comes to your content strategy? 

Are you struggling to resonate with your ideal clients and knowing what to say? 

This content strategy intensive is designed for all entrepreneurs who are looking to gain clarity and guidance so that they can build trust and credibility among their audience and attract their ideal customers and clients. 

This intensive can be as structured or as free as you would like. Typically, I would ensure we cover the following: 

Your ideal client 
Planning content 
Implementing content 
Scheduling content

90 min Zoom call 

Includes a slide deck and recorded call

Includes a workbook 

Investment: €180 

What's included 

Book Intensive

steph, colour & love

I don’t know what I’d have done without Em this year. I felt so overwhelmed and uninspired to write weekly blog posts — I kept putting off because I just didn’t enjoy it, but as a web designer I know how important it is for SEO and for providing useful info for small business owners

madi nispel coaching

I save SO MUCH time having you write my content instead of putzing around trying to think of what I am gonna say. You save time and energy and keep me on freaking track every day!!

Marion pigeot- Modali branding

I needed someone to communicate my vision in a creative and intentional way. Em did a great job portraying my personality while making it fully optimized for SEO purposes. She was also extremely patient and resourceful and I felt so comfortable sharing my concerns with her. 100% recommend!!!

samantha- simply well coaching

I am so proud of my website! I've had many women join my facebook group and site that they found me through my site. I feel more confident in talking about my services just by going over them with Em and reading my own pages. 



Thank you! 


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